Man and our way through life's ports are the themes Peter Hesk work with - from less nedmodellerede sculptures used as corporate gifts for family of four five-meter high bronze gates.
"The gate I put the big changes in life. Birth, death, happiness, sadness, great goals, great changes, major tasks faith that could move mountains, "says Peter Hesk.
"When you stand in front of a gate, you are one person. When you go through it, changed you and your life - you are not the same on the other side.
The port includes the feminine and the masculine side (the bars). Crossbar relation, next generation, the future target.
The gate rests on a foundation of the gnarled surface / nature and stairs / plato - the human / culture.
My sculptures and acrylics dancer. I have always worked to eliminate the weight of the material, but maintains the sculpture force. "

Peter Hesk has "always" worked with sculpture and lived on it for more than 30 years. In addition to the bronze he has created distinctive marble and brick sculptures. For his 60th birthday, he released "Peters - a scrapbook" with sketches, adventure, photos, quotes and helpful colleagues words.

Peter Hesk is from Copenhagen and belongs year 1952. He works predominantly with bronze sculptures, but a series of sketches from the dance and the door world also find their way to the canvas. Most recently, Peter Hesk built a large workshop and an exhibition space on the docks of Tønsberg.
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